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Ancient societies and cultures have studied and observed the moon throughout history. Lunar cycles are one of the oldest symbols we have, and they've been used for centuries to measure the influence the moon has on our lives, as well as to track the time. Moon movement, for instance,swiss replica watches controls tides. Some associate the moon to femininity and fertility. And its rise above our heads signals that night is approaching. Watchmakers attempt to replicate this elegant display of the moon in the night sky when they release a timepiece that displays its phase.

Vacheron Constantin Replica invested a lot of time and effort into the moon phase complication to produce some of the most beautiful and accurate watches with a dial moon phase.

"More that 20 calibers of the 63 available speak for themselves." The importance of Vacheron Constantin Replica's moon phase becomes more evident when you look at how we designed this complication in different directions. We made mechanisms that are accurate for 122.6 years or 1,058. "We developed a lunar phase for the Southern Hemisphere, as well as an orbital moonphase, and combined it with a night-and-day indication," explains Anthony de Haas.

Anthony de Haas is the Director of Product Development for Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin Replica Moon Phase was released in 2002.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches This was almost a decade later than the release of Vacheron Constantin Replica's original, groundbreaking model. But its story goes back a year earlier, when Lange launched in 2001 the Langematik, the first automatic perpetual clock watch with oversized date. A perpetual calendar is traditionally paired with the moon phase. Lange needed to create a moon phase indicator that was as accurate as the perpetual calendar. So, the idea of an ultra-precise lunar phase was born. It can also be integrated in other movements, such as the Vacheron Constantin Replica for example.